The Artist Andre pace conceptually base practice sites of contemporary Art & Mix Media works on paper, Pradox facing Art works , succinctly convey the episodic admonitory spirtwithin each of his series , The artist focus on the sensual extends to the way he depicts nature in a single evening but undeniable spiritual : sifting and sorting of visual evidence.Hus sole passion ( no episode).. A flicker emotion passion or self reflection the reticence reflects his own intensely private nature.. his works Apartheid and post Apartheid eras of contemporary Art & Mix Media works, In / sight on the artist shown interest international & National/ regional Art Auction & exhibition, archived collections , featured reviews and catalogue

Important Exhibitions Attended

(yam) yellow Stone arts museum 2015/ art Auction & awarded
Taube museum of art 2017/ Art Auction small works
Catazilla exhibition 2019 & 2018
Long island museum / Art Auction 2018
Rye arts center / small works art auction 2017
Red dot Chuck Jones 2018/ 2019
Your placed squared community art project 2018
Vcfa profile review.2018
FAA small works 2018 review 2018
Art 4
Art chain
All art

Important Exhibitions Organized

Holter museum Art Auction 2018
Catazilla exhibition 2018 & 2019
Sacs- art digital 2018
Cornell art museum
Us bank art auction 2018
Crocker Arts Museum 2018
Postcards from here 2018
Fee vale University 2018
Illinois State museum\" just fax 2018\"
Artist & letters 2018
Saba IV 2018 & 2019
Twitter 2019/ 2018/2017
Dorwitch mail art 2018
DaD art association - mail art 2018
Air gallery 2017
Your placed squared community art project 2018
Baylor school 2018 & 2019 Art Auction
Art on cardboard 2018
Pulltued post card 2018
Artist parent index 2019 & 2018
Lanaboro art Auction 2018
Oddball\'s 2018
The/arts intiative .com/art auction 2018
Robert Martinez 2018 line works
Buck town gallery 2018
S.h.e gallery 2018
Mona. Museum of Northwest Art 2018 & 2019 art Auction
Bc Art Auction2018
Bryant memorial gallery Art Auction 2018/ 2019
Hospitality House art Auction 2018 2019
Vae Raleigh NC Art Auction & gala 2018 & 2019
Crocker Arts Museum 2017 & 2018 & 2019 Art Auction
Animal welfare Coalition 2019/ Art Auction
Truro Treasure cape cod/ Art Auction 2018
Garrison Art Center 2018 art Auction ..

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www. Marin mica museum/ alter book catalogue Andrepace
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Art events as jury

None, I have been asked just very busy in my practice , I have the time now..

Talks and lectures

Art & ethics New York City mid Manhattan library
Building design interiors / mid Manhattan library
Podcast interview on line ..
Mail art archived collection museum & University / gallery on artist approach ..
Mail art survey 2018
Art week publication 2018
Paid artist / art critique
Vcfa profile reviews

Other important events and mentions pace pace
www.contemporary & modern forums by.Andre pace
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