Contemporary artist - works at mixed media.
Drawing & Works on Paper projects | Photographs & Video projects
Point of departure: Estrangement in a large context, related to the world of today.

Writes art reviews on contemporary exhibitions for http://www.kunstkrant.nl

M. A. Scenography | Martins College London England | HKU Utrecht Netherlands
Instituto El Teatro Sevilla Spain | artist in residence | theatrical project \'Sacred & Profane\'
KABK The Hague
Avni Institute, art Tel-Aviv Israel

Important Exhibitions Organized

Initiator organisation Project Challenging Nature (collaboration 6 international artists other diciplines)

London \'BARBS\' PROJECT Red Gate Gallery 04-09-08 t/m 29-09-08 England (collaboration British artists)

Utrecht Project \'Liesje\' in former Firestation, Netherlands
5 short sketches about ‘Needs en Passions’



Other important events and mentions

See the links on website http://www.riedstra.eu

Evaluations made