Evaluated and referenced by a professional of the Art World


1) In the current art world artists search and fight for “references” to endorse their work and name.
Those “references” mean the works are more likely to be selected by influential curators or institutions, bought by renowned collectors, or chosen for prominent prizes or residencies.
Every “reference” in the CV might take years, a lot of money, tears and sweat.

2) The other problem artists might face is that they never get feedback on their work – to find out what those key players on the art world really think about their work.
What if the artist would receive this in the form of an honest and knowledgeable opinion, advice or recommendation?

Let’s make the way shorter!

ODBK, through its database of art world participants called the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC), is offering a new way to build references in a faster and easier way. From the list of “Top” and “Expert” evaluators of the AMARC, artists can require an evaluation of their work and also a “reference” to the evaluator which they can print in their CV to endorse their work. And receive an honest feedback, opinion and advice from the evaluator. ODBK will maintain and publish a page on the website which will include a certification of the “reference”.

For Evaluators (Make extra money!)

To become an evaluator you have to register at the ODBK website (click here to register), once registered log in ( click here to login ) to fill the evaluator information form -editing your profile and filling the forms at the “General Tab” and “Evaluator Profile”. The ODBK team will receive your requests to become an evaluator. All application will be considered by a committee. Once approved the evaluators profile will be on the evaluators list on the ODBK website.

Be part now of a change in the art world!

Let us know if you have any question at: info@odbk.tk