Fame vs Knowledge in Art:

current paradigm vs new paradigm   The current paradigm who rules the art world is “Fame”, 99% of people think that the quality of the work of an artist is-sticked or related with the fame of name of the artist, or the fame of the museum or institution who shows the work, or fame of […]

What does it mean “Democratization of the art world”?

Many people and companies have used and misused the term “Democratization of the art world” to sell more products or create a cool and trendy image. There are couple of old or wrong concepts that has been related or connected with this term, for example: that the Democratization of the Art world means that artists […]


An Auction at the Hotel Drouot 1876, Private collection, courtesy of Talabardon & Gautier, Paris Academic Conference and Workshop on The Formation and Development of New Markets TOOLS FOR THE FUTURE: RESEARCHING ART MARKET PRACTICES FROM PAST TO PRESENT Thursday 30 May, Royal Academy Friday 31 May, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University As the […]

Jonathan Meese: irreverent and rebellious

Click here to participate en the Pure Taste Indicator of Jonathan Meese He is one of the most known contemporary German artists. He was born on January 23, 1970 in Tokyo, Japan, his father was German and his mother who survived him was born in Wales. He lived in Japan until the death of his […]

Meetings and Lectures

We start 2017 with a new series of meetings in Berlin more informal and with the purpose to build an stronger knowledge and confidence in the people to face, understand and appreciate contemporary Art. You can find more information about the group and the meetings at: Berlin Understanding and Appreciation in Contemporary Art Berlin, DE […]


Collection of the Contemporary Fine Art Fame This is an art work consisting in a trading card game of 700 different cards with portraits of some the most ‘famous’ artists in the contemporary fine art world. The cards can be sorted in three volumnes exclusively designed for this project. The second volume is dedicated to […]

Looking for small space / meeting room for contemporary art lectures

One of ARC’s main objectives is to offer a donation-based contemporary art education to any interested person. For this we need your help in finding a small room or meeting space in central area of Berlin. Do you have available space in your office, apartment, or shop that you don’t use (temporarily or permanently) — […]