How will ODBK create equality and diversity for the art world?

To create equality and diversity, ODBK plans to increase the number of people who define the art world, because currently this is concentrated in an elite. And we depart from our conception of what the democratization of the art world means (We define this concept in our last article “What does it means democratization the […]

What is ”good” art?

I have 15 years visiting museums, art galleries, artists ateliers, art biennials, including the Documenta around the globe, and I have seen maybe millions of art works of thousands of artists. And with this I’m not saying that I’m an expert in art, but at least I have developed a criteria of what would be […]

Fame vs Knowledge in Art:

current paradigm vs new paradigm   The current paradigm who rules the art world is “Fame”, 99% of people think that the quality of the work of an artist is-sticked or related with the fame of name of the artist, or the fame of the museum or institution who shows the work, or fame of […]

What does it mean “Democratization of the art world”?

Many people and companies have used and misused the term “Democratization of the art world” to sell more products or create a cool and trendy image. There are couple of old or wrong concepts that has been related or connected with this term, for example: that the Democratization of the Art world means that artists […]


An Auction at the Hotel Drouot 1876, Private collection, courtesy of Talabardon & Gautier, Paris Academic Conference and Workshop on The Formation and Development of New Markets TOOLS FOR THE FUTURE: RESEARCHING ART MARKET PRACTICES FROM PAST TO PRESENT Thursday 30 May, Royal Academy Friday 31 May, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University As the […]

Inequality in the art world, illusion or reality?

The world has achieved great progress when it comes to equality in the last decades on many grounds. However, there is still much to be done, especially in the art world, where fame and personal networks play a major role in evaluating artworks. This makes it harder for emerging artists to break through and build […]