The importance of diversity in the art world

Author: Alejandra Mantilla Diversity in the art world is often showcased in a way that is similar to that of company websites and university brochures. In them, a handful of different skin colors and foreign names are displayed as representations of their overall diversity. The problem with this type of tokenism is that it undermines […]

TIamsa publish ODBK/PTI article and invitation to participate

Tiamsa is one of the most important worldwide organizations that study the art market. It gathers many of the most influential academics of the art world. We want to thank you to the organization and specially to Véronique Chagnon-Burke, Ph.D. academic director of CHRISTIE’S , Johannes Nathan Ph.D. Tiamsa Chair and Inna Schill Tiamsa Editor […]

How a new reference model will help to create equality, diversity and democracy for the art world?

Every day of our lives we use references to perceive what is “good” or “not good” for us, but not only that also to perceive what is big, small, heavy, rich, poor, etc And normally this system of perception is based in our personal experiences, but when we lack of experiences we use the “experience” […]

Why does inequality exist in the art world?

According to many research made for many renowned marketing companies and universities* there is a clear dominance of the heterosexual white man in the art world, this profile does not rules only in the art world but in many other sectors of the economy, politics and important decision making of the our society. The current […]

„Black live matters“ opportunism or truly conviction of change for the art world

The top and trendy news give the opportunity to companies, institutions, influencers, etc. to gain something (profits, image, followers, likes, etc.) pretending that they concern about what the public expect to see from them. Now with the trendy topic of „Black lives matter“ everybody is now concerned about equality and diversity and I personally read […]

How can I change the art world?

This question could take you to a deep meditation, but the first question that comes after reading this one, could be why the art world should change it? When we do a little research of the statistics of distribution of the money and power, fame and importance in the art world, you will see that […]

AI applied to the art world

Recently I was invited to apply to a residency in Dresden, Germany, where the topic for the project ist “Artificial Intelligence and Social Transformation”. This sentence let me think about how the AI can be applied to the PTI and the ODBK Project. A couple of months ago I had a meeting with the Artsy […]