About ODBK

ODBK is an activist organization seeking to increase the number of people who understand and engage with contemporary art with the aim to make them participants in the decision making of the current and future art world. By decision making ODBK refers to the ability to influence the importance of the artists and prices of the artworks, without the consideration of income, gender, nationality, social status and any other kind of identity that might affect importance and price.

The ODBK has two main functions. The first is the facilitation of the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art for a wider number of people. This is realized through educational talks, events, and online and offline meetings.


The second focus is the support of projects and initiatives that allow for influence on a grassroot level in the decisions that shape the art world and art market. One of the main mechanisms that facilitates the implementation of the ODBK concept is the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC).