Artists fighting for democracy: Joseph Beuys

by Dominika Karc The battle for an art being “exclusive and for elites” vs “ for everybody” is longer than it may seem.  History knows examples about artists fighting for art democratization. Joseph Beuys once said that “ Every human being is an artist”. He clearly understood that art is made and  belongs to society. […]

On politics and art: Black Trustees Alliance

By Alejandra Mantilla The intersection between politics and art has long been a place of debate. Today these questions take on a particularly important role, as activism in and around museums and galleries seem to be growing. In the wake of recent Black Lives Matter protests a number of exhibitions have been cancelled. For some […]

Democratization of art in the digital era

By Sami Dallali According to Jason Bailey, the art world is still mostly white, male and unequal: that goes for the museums, the art market and the renowned artists. In his predictions for the art market, the expert in technologies in the art world sees the beginning of a change in a virtuous circle: there […]

11th Berlin Biennale, supports diversity and equality?

By Helena Majewska The motto of 11. Berlin biennale is: ‚the crack begins within’ – the changes are coming from the inside, the world that we live in is defective. bb11 is a process that started a year ago and now, the ongoing exhibitions are the epilogue. Artists and participants of the process have examined […]

Art in the wake of Black Lives Matter

By Alejandra Mantilla In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, art has not been left out of the conversation. In many cities, monuments depicting slave traders and figures connected to racist policies were torn down or defaced. The movement has challenged the way we think about personal experiences in public spaces. Who do […]